You are not a drop in the ocean.

You are an entire ocean in a drop.


GentleYoga: Suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It is especially beneficial for those who have been inactive for some time and want to ease into a yoga fitness program. Poses are supported with props to allow all fitness levels and body types to experience the transforming effects of yoga in the body as well as the mind and spirit. 

YogaBasics: Learn the basic poses of yoga in this fun beginner class. Perfect for a new student who is developing body and breath awareness. Props and modifications available to make each pose possible.

YogaFundamentals: Appropriate for beginners. This Hatha yoga class introduces foundational yoga postures with an emphasis on props and detailed instruction to allow students to go deeper into the postures. Physical transformation is achieved by focusing on alignment, strength, and flexibility. Mental transformation is achieved by focusing on the breath and body awareness.

YinYoga: Find stillness in this slow, steady style of yoga targeting connective tissues and joints. Improves the flow of energy through the body bringing both physical and mental balance. Perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular yang styles of yoga. No sweat required.

MoveWellYoga: Movement and stillness, rhythm and integration, breath and presence lay the foundation for this beautiful practice with Emily Grisham.

NamaslayYoga: Build strength and flexibility in this energetic vinyasa-style class. Link breath and movement to seamlessly flow through poses. This popular upbeat class will make you sweat!

TakeFlightYoga: Join the inspirational Suzanna Kimes for this uplifting full-body workout. Suzanna’s signature class builds strength and balance with an emphasis on fun, arm-balancing poses.

Rise&FlowYoga: Get your day started with this morning vinyasa class by Jen!

Strength&Flow: Build strength with Jen in this dynamic yoga-inspired class!

BreathlessYoga: Move to the beat of the music in this dynamic class combining yin (stillness) with vinyasa (flow). Class builds in intensity and peaks with two high-intensity interval training challenges.

PrenatalYoga: Open your heart, mind, and body in this gentle yoga class for pregnancy and childbirth. Contact ByrdbyByrd Yoga for details and pricing.